Q: How often do I get billed?
A: Services are billed the first week of each month.
Q: When is my water bill due?
A: Bills are due on the last business day of the month. After the last business day a late charge will be assessed.
Q: What is the minimum bill?
A: A monthly minimum bill of $43.00 per month will be charged to each property address , water meters are read year round. For rates please refer to the District’s Rules & Regulations on the Resources Tab.
Q: What is the overage rate?
A: Overage will be billed at $.90 per 750 gallons.
Q: What unit of measurement is used to calculate my bill?
A: We bill in gallons.
Q: Is there a late charge?
A: Yes, the late charge is $7.50 per month. It will be added to all accounts with a past due balance after the end of the month.
Q: When is my account considered delinquent?
A: Accounts are delinquent after 60 days and will be subject to interruption of service.
Q: Can a renter put the water account in their name?
A:No the bill must remain in the property owners name.
Q: What is the service area of White City Water Improvement District?
A:Click Here For The White City Water Service Area
Q: Do you offer Equal Payment?
A:Yes, you will receive the form in the mail or you can locate the form on the website (Andy please also insert the Equal Payment Form here) and the calculations are done in October of each year. The bill at the beginning of November will reflect the next years equal payment amount.
Q:Will I ever be removed from equal payment?
A:Yes if you miss 2 consecutive payments you will automatically be ineligible to remain on the equal payment program. You will have to wait until October to reapply.
Q:What is Backflow/Cross Connection and how does it affect me?
A:If you have a backflow assembly on your property connected to you sprinklers to prevent cross connection it needs to be tested annually prior to turning on your sprinklers. The test results must be provided to White City Water Improvement District by a certified technician. Please see website for information regarding backflow.

Please see Backflow under the Resources Tab for information regarding backflow.