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Proposed Water Rate Changes effective 9/1/2022

As discussed in previous newsletters, the White City Water Improvement District ('WCWID"), has made tremendous improvements and upgrades to the old White City Water system that the water users purchased in 1995 for less than seven million dollars. In the last 25 years, wells have been drilled, infrastructure constructed, and pipelines installed and replaced. We have done all of this using cost-based water rates AND NO PROPERTY TAXES. The value of the water system is now well over forty-five million dollars. Unfortunately, with the rising cost of materials, loss of revenue due to water conservation, and the passage of time, WCWID needs to raise water rates to allow it to continue providing the level of service the water users have come to expect. WCWID HAS NOT RAISED RESIDENTIAL WATER RATES SINCE 2007 - FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

At the request of WCWID, a Citizen's Rate Committee, made up of several water user volunteers, have met over the last few months and discussed the situation. The committee has made the following recommendation. A PUBLIC HEARING before the WCWID Board of Trustees to discuss the water rate changes will be held on July 14, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Eastmont Middle School Auditorium, 10100 South 1300 East. Water rate increases will be effective, September 1, 2022.

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