Rules & Regulations



Effective January 2022

  1. All water delivered by the District to its Customers shall be metered through water meters.  The District will check, inspect, change, or adjust the meter at the discretion of the District.  Customers shall not open meter boxes for the purpose of turning the water off or on unless special permission has been granted, or in the case of emergency.  At no time are Customers authorized to tamper with the operation of the water meter there are to be no sprinkler supply valves installed inside the meter barrel.The District shall assume the responsibility and expense of the operation and maintenance of the meter.
  • Should a meter fail to register at any time, the water delivered during such a period shall be estimated on the basis of previous consumption.  In the event a meter is found to be recording less than  97 % or more than 103 % of accuracy, the District may make such adjustments in the consumer’s previous bill as are just and fair under the circumstances.  The District reserves the right to estimate water consumption according to the previous year’s usage for any month.
  • All damage, lack of accessibility, or injury to the District’s pipelines, meters or to the material of the District on or near consumer’s premises, caused by any act of neglect of the consumer shall, at the discretion of the District, be repaired at the consumer’s expense.  It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that meters are accessible to District personnel at all times to include but not limited to removing overgrown landscaping, vehicles, unlocking gates and fences. Residents are responsible to secure all animals away from the meter when access is requested by District personnel.
  • The District shall use reasonable diligence to provide continuous water service to its customers and shall make a reasonable effort to furnish them with a clean, pure supply of water, free from injurious substances (see also Item #14).
  • The District has prepared a diagram to illustrate the location of the water service as it pertains to the property owner and the District. This illustration is labeled with the location of White City’s responsibility and where the homeowner responsibility begins. This illustration and diagram can be found on our website: In brief, the District is responsible to and including the meter, or in case of a fire lines the fire-stand or valve, and the owner is responsible beyond the meter, fire-stand or valve.
  • The District shall not be held liable for damages to any water user by reason of any stoppage or interruption of his/her water supply.
  • Consumer Metered Rates and Charges

The following rates shall be charged monthly to each meter and consumer unit, a consumer unit being defined as a single unit dwelling, store, service station, church, school, café, factory, shop, processing plant, or other business establishment or concern which may be supplied with potable water for domestic purposes:

Residential Minimum Charge:     $43.00 per month

Residential Monthly Rates:           $43.00 for 7,500 gallons

                                                            $00.90 per 750 gallons over 7,500 gallons


PUD Rate w/Lots < 4,500 sf:         $29.50 for 5,250 gallons

                                                            $00.95 per 750 gallons 5,250-23,250 gallons per month

                                                            $ 1.15 per 750 gallons 23,250-45,750 gallons per month

                                                            $ 1.35 per 750 gallons 45,750 > gallons per month

Commercial Minimum Charge     $47.00             5/8 x ¾”

For 7,500 gallons per                      $118.00          1” meter

Connection:                                      $235.00          1.5”meter                                                      

$269.00          2” meter

                                                            $423.00          3” meter                                                        

$522.00          4” meter

                                                            $1,125.00       6” meter

                                                            $2,735.00      8” meter

Commercial Seasonal Rate for

 2nd meter per month is                   $62.00

Commercial Overage Rate:           $00.90 per 750 gallons over 7, 500 gallons

  • Customers moving into new homes who fail to notify the District for installation of a meter or meters, or who are without meters, either due to failure of notification or delays in installation, will be charged an estimated amount based upon the highest charge made to Customers in the subdivision having approximately the same amount of lawn space and water use during the same period.  When conditions are such that services supplied through one or more meters to more than one consumer, the owner of the property where such meter or meters are installed, shall assume full responsibility for payment for all water delivered through said meter or meters.
  • Statements covering the charges shall be issued and forwarded to customers monthly and shall be due at the office before close of business on the last business day, or; if paying by electronic method before 10:00 PM MST on the last calendar day. Any consumer who neglects, fails, or refuses to pay his water bill or all other obligations due the District, by the last day of the month in which the bill is sent shall be charged a late charge of $7.50 per month, on the delinquent bill and the District may discontinue service to said Customers upon notification.  Service disconnection may occur when an account has a past due balance on the last day of the month following the due date of the preceding month.
  1. The District’s employees shall have the right to come upon the premises of said customer and make such excavation or do such work as may be necessary to disconnect water service for failure to pay charges for water, or other violations of these rules and regulations and the customer shall be responsible to pay a disconnection fee as set forth by the Board for such work, which fee is presently $35.00. Upon payment of outstanding charges, including any disconnection fee, or no longer being in violation the District will reconnect the water service during regular business hours, unless the customer is willing to pay an after-hours fee of $45.00.  In addition the District may, at its option, require a security deposit in the amount of up to $100.00.  This security deposit may be refunded after one (1) year if the consumer has not incurred any late charges. A copy of the disconnection and shut off procedures is available for review at the District office. 
  1. Any consumer moving or wishing to discontinue service shall notify the District so that the meter can be read for a final billing.  Failure by the consumer to contact the District for discontinuation may result in the continued billing; Contact by the title company is for final bill estimates only and does not constitute the required notification by the consumer.  Final billing will only be done with a title transfer i.e. sale of home or foreclosure.
  1. The owners of property within the District are ultimately responsible to pay all fees and rates, the security for which shall be the property itself.  Renters will not be able to apply for service individually.  The property owner must have the account in their name.  If the owner of a property wants to allow the renter to pay the bill, the owner can give the renter the account number and allow them to pay either in person at the District office or online at It is up to the property owner to facilitate the renter to know the amount of the bill to be paid.  There are no duplicate billings.   Failure to pay the fees and rates may result in the property being certified with a lien.
  1. Any consumer paying a water bill with a check that is returned by his/her bank for insufficient funds or any other reason shall, at the discretion of the District, be charged a $20.00 service charge.  If a consumer has had two return checks, the District reserves the right to make an account “Cash only”. The District is now accepting electronic credit or debit card and online payments at or by phone.  

In order to minimize” NSF – not sufficient funds” checks and cost to the District, it reserves the right to run checks as an “EFT- Electronic Funds Transfer” transaction. The District may take whatever legal action is necessary to ensure payment of amounts owed.  If an account must be given to a collection agency the District is entitled to assess all collection fees including attorney fees.

  1. Service Connection Charges

New Service Connection

Any party desiring to obtain a supply of water from the District shall make application with the District and pay a hook up fee & water availability fee based upon size and connection.  The schedule of such fees may be obtained from the District at the time of application.  In addition an applicant or developer (in case of new subdivision) shall supply all materials and labor for such connection including Type “K” copper tubing from water main to meter, yoke, meter box, cover and lid and necessary fittings.   The District will supply the meter only.  The meter box is to be situated between the curb and the sidewalk if any at 1” above grade level away from the drive approach.   The complete installation must meet District specifications a copy of which may be obtained at the District office, or water will not be turned on.  A $10.00 fee per lot will be charged to developers for water used for construction purposes prior to the meter being set, no lawn irrigation is allowed without a meter being set and a backflow prevention device installed per Plumbing Code (Item #12).  The applicant or developer will be responsible for any expenses incurred in the repair of any damage to any part of the installation prior to occupancy of the premises.  All construction water shall pass through a jumper and dual check valve setter. No hoses will be allowed in the meter barrel due to backflow hazards.

Existing Service Connection

In the event an applicant’s premises have been served water prior to his application for service, the meter is in place, and all service charges against the premises have been paid, the applicant shall pay a new account set-up fee of $10.00.

  1. Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention
  • It shall be unlawful at any place supplied with water from the White City Water Improvement District to do any of the following:
    • To install or use any physical connection or arrangement of piping or fixtures which may allow any fluid or substance not suitable for human consumption to come in contact with potable water in the White City Water Improvement District distribution system.
    • To install any connection, arrangement, or fixtures without using a backflow prevention device or assembly designed to prevent a violation of subsection (1). The White City Water Improvement District with respect to each application must approve any such device or assembly described in subsection (2), which is not installed as required in the plumbing code as, adopted by the State of Utah.
    • Officers and employees of White City Water Improvement District shall have the right to enter any place, which is supplied with water from the White City Water Improvement District, and conduct a hazard survey or any other examination or test reasonably necessary to the enforcement of this section.
    • The user of water from the White City Water Improvement District, and not White City Water Improvement District, shall pay all costs of installation and testing of backflow prevention devices or assemblies on the customer’s side of the water meter.
    • Backflow prevention devices or assemblies required by this section shall be tested not less than once each year by a State of Utah Certified Backflow Technician.  Test results shall be furnished to the White City Water Improvement District within 10 days of initial installation or any system modification.
    • Water service may be discontinued to any user who is found to be in violation of the rule and who fails to take corrective action within ten (10) days after violation notification, except that water service may be discontinued immediately, including locking out or a physical removal of the meter if it is determined by a certified operator that an immediate threat to the water supply exists.
    • Any person who violates the provisions of this section shall be civilly liable to White City Water Improvement District, and to third persons other than White City Water Improvement District, for all damage proximately caused by said violation.  If legal action is necessary to enforce the rights of the District, the person violating the provisions hereof shall be liable for reasonable attorney fees and costs. Without limiting the foregoing, if the District incurs costs as result of a person’s backflow non-compliance, the District shall have the right to place a lien on the person’s property under state law.
  1. District Policies & Procedures
  • In addition to these Rules & Regulations, Customers rights and responsibilities are set forth in Chapter One of the District’s Policy & Procedure Manual incorporated herein, a copy of which is available at the District Office.